LYFT Mint Slim

White, tasty nicotine portions without tobacco. The portions are made of fiber from eucalyptus and pine, with an added nicotine extract extracted from tobacco. Indulge yourself with the experience of rich sweetness from spearmint perfectly combined with the cool freshness of menthol.

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  • 1 piece 5,65 EUR /piece
  • -10% 10-pack 5,09 EUR /piece
  • -12% 30-pack 4,98 EUR /piece
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5,65 EUR
LYFT Mint Slim
LYFT Mint Slim LYFT Mint Slim
Weitere Informationen
Nicotine (mg/g) 8mg
Content (g/can) 16.8g
Format Slim
Typ All White
Brand LYFT
Manufacturer BAT
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